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Those first days and weeks with your new baby are a precious time. And yet for some mothers, finding the best way to encourage baby to “latch on” can be tricky. And if baby suffers from any one of a number of common conditions such as colic or reflux, it can often mean an inconvenient and unenjoyable readmission to the ward. Maternal Serenity is here to give you the best chance of overcoming these complications in your own time, and in your own home. After all, that’s where you’re most comfortable … and keeping mum calm and relaxed can be half the battle won! And trust me: there’s no greater feeling then confidently feeding your own baby!

Breastfeeding Support

If you’re finding breastfeeding tricky don’t worry - you’re not alone! For many women, breastfeeding feels awkward and can lead to soreness, cracked nipples and stress. But there’s good news! Breastfeeding isn’t difficult - it just needs the right touch to get baby lined up properly on the nipple, and to find the right ways to encourage baby to feed.

br> If you’re struggling, I can help you to find a breastfeeding “routine” that works for you so that you and baby can both enjoy this important bonding experience. Plus, I use all natural remedies to help with sore and cracked nipples, to make you more comfortable. If you have breastfeeding concerns - about expressing too much or too little milk, the best position to feed in, mastitis and other conditions or anything else - you can contact me for advice!

Colic & Reflux

Incredibly common, colic (an abnormally high amount of crying over a prolonged period) occurs in as many as 1 in 4 babies. And yet its effects can be severe. It’s vital to catch colic early. The good news is that colic can usually be treated without medication, and with little or no dietary change for baby.

Gastro-oesophageal reflux can be very upsetting to parents but is very common in babies. We can provide guidance, support and teach you effective winding techniques to help you soothe your baby.

I can help advise mums on some changes to their own diet that can improve things - and I can help mums and dads find ways to deal with the symptoms without letting them take over day-to-day life.


Tongue-tie is not an easy condition to diagnose, and so it’s hard to say how common it is. Estimates vary between 5 and 10 in 100 babies.In babies with tongue-tie, the little ribbon of skin under the tongue (called the frenulum) is “too tight” and restricts the movement of the tongue - which can lead to difficulty latching on or staying latched on. Treatment varies, and can sometimes involve a minor operation to snip the ribbon.

At Maternal Serenity, we want endeavour to find natural ways to deal with tongue-tie before involving the doctors. Very often it’s a condition that resolves itself as baby’s body grows.

Hand-Holding Support, 24/7

These are just three of the more common conditions that can interrupt the bliss that is new parenthood. There are of course many others - but there are always techniques to help cope and I can draw on my experience to help you through whatever you’re facing.

Rest assured though that Maternal Serenity is not about belligerently flying in the face of modern medicine! If I genuinely believe that either mum or baby needs the help of a doctor or other medical professional then I will always recommend that, and help you get the support you need from them.

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