Maternal Serenity - for your pregnancy and parenthood needs.

Pregnancy and parenthood - they’re two of the most natural things in the world. And yet for many people, they just don’t come that easy. That’s why I started my business, Maternal Serenity.

Hi, I’m Fatima Ali; and Maternal Serenity is my baby. Being a mum of two myself I can relate to your worries. In fact, my own second pregnancy was a complicated one throughout - and my experience trying to find the help and support I needed is a driving force behind what I’m doing now.

Through my academic training and real world experience I identified a gap in the traditional midwife services that are on offer. By incorporating skills as a baby planner and therapist to create an all in one service!!

I could see that there were mums (and dads!) who needed a little extra care and support than midwives (with their heavy workloads) are able to offer.

And so I developed Maternal Serenity to meet that need. I call it a “maternity concierge” service - and what that means for you is whatever you need, whenever you need it, I’m here to support you.

Maternal Serenity, as the name suggests, is here to ensure that your pregnancy and your first weeks and months as a parent are as calm, peaceful and enjoyable (yes, enjoyable!) as possible.

I’ll be there to hold your hand through each and every stage - to support you as you learn the skills of parenting. I’ll teach you techniques to calm your baby, to improve the experience of breastfeeding and to promote a healthy sleep pattern (for you and baby!).

  • Expectancy - Education for Maternity Professionals
  • fedant - Federation of Antenatal Educators
  • The Federation of Holistic Therapists
  • La Leche League GB

Our Goals

Maternal Serenity offers a range of innovative treatments and services carefully designed to bring you peace of mind, improved health, greater energy and the skills you need to parent with confidence.

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